The Evolution of Journalism.

Journalism for a Digital Age | Brian Carroll



As technology continues to evolve, news continues to stray away from print and expand throughout media. More and more people are accessing social media and online sources to get their news rather than reading newspapers. Could we be approaching the end of the newspaper?!

Our generation is becoming increasingly dependent on gathering news from media sources. As experienced social media users, we are more actively involved in sharing and commenting about what we read. Twitter, for example, allows people to be highly interactive by liking, retweeting, or responding to tweets. The controversy behind these sources is demonstrated when crowd-sourced news is mistaken.

Public or Private? Most digital spaces allow users to decide what can be viewed publicly and what should be kept private. Online news sources decided to allow readers to individually turn off comments in response to news articles they find “cruel, vile, or vicious”. Other news sites are beginning to disallow anonymity as well.


Source: Twitter

Story Time! | Brian Carroll & Lynda Felder

Everyone loves a good story, right? How could you not? Lynda Felder in her book “Writing for the Web” lists all the main components of a good story:

  • characters
  • conflict
  • place
  • plot
  • premise
  • backstory
  • theme
  • tone

The question is: How do we start? Most people try to begin writing their story from the beginning when in fact, it is easier to begin smack dab in the middle. Starting from the middle allows the rest of the story to blossom and shape itself around the climax.

When it comes to writing for digital media, it is important to keep in mind that readers do not always finish the story (FYI our generation’s attention spans are dwindling by the minute) so try to incorporate as much important information towards the beginning of the story as possible to keep the reader engaged.

Begin with a hook. Draw in your readers; make them want more! Creating a sense of curiosity in your readers is key.




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