User Experience & Self Branding

You are young. You consider yourself “tech-savvy”. You have known how to surf the web your whole life. But then something happens. You come across this blog that is so appealing you cannot help but wonder what you’ll find if you choose to interact. So you open the blog. But for the first time in your life… you have no clue how to search through the blog because it is an unorganized, chaotic mess of what could have been a work of art.

Ok. The example given may or may not be slightly outrageous but the concept that it portrays is user experience, which is just a fancy way of saying “user-friendly”.  User experience is SO important when it comes to getting your audience engaged in your website or blog. User experience refers to the interactions your audience has with your product.

For example:

  • Does your audience enjoy browsing through your site?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is it simple or difficult to use?


The next concept that plays a key role in the design and layout of your blog or website is self branding. Self branding allows you to establish what you stand for. In “The Art Of Self Branding”, written by Nur Costa, there is a beautiful quote about self branding I would like to share.

“Someone is going to be looking for that essence, and that something will be able to give it to him/her.”

Costa establishes 10 actions towards good self branding:

  1. Celebrate your singularity and conduct a self-branding auditing
  2. Overview control
  3. Do not avoid competence
  4. Find the sweet spot
  5. Take advantage of the self-introduction power
  6. Take advantage of the power of words
  7. Think big
  8. Expand your networking and visibility
  9. Put in action your personal branding plan
  10. Stay relevant





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