Welcome to Ashley’s Appetite!

Hello! It’s me, Ash. If you are a lover of all things FOOD then you came to the right blog. I am a 21 year old college student studying health science and I am here to share my love of food with you and show that healthy can also be tasty!

 My goal is to explain the importance of nutrition and educate my peers about how to make healthy eating decisions. Food is great, we can’t deny it. There are so many different tastes and textures and smells, it’s nearly impossible not to fall into the trap of the food that later makes us feel guilty about eating it. Let’s face it, we all have that one meal that we hate to love. What I aim to do is introduce my friends and peers to a plethora of delicious, yet healthy meals. For each meal I post, I am going to break it down into sub topics. My main focus is how carbohydrates, proteins, and fats benefit the body in numerous ways. I am traveling to different restaurants and cafes in Greenville and Travelers Rest South Carolina to share my meals with my peers! I plan on ordering healthy items that are both DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS!

P.S. Despite my love for healthy food, this girl still loves her sweets! SO look out for fun posts about my favorite local treats!

P.S.S. “clear eyes, full bellies, can’t lose.”


Ashley Trice enjoying a delicious banana nutella crepe from Tandem in Travelers Rest, SC

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